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Facilities & Capabilities


Our facility, located in Whitby, ON, has 22 injection moulding machines that range in size from 40 to 300 tonnes. Our machinery allows us to perform complex part moulding processes, such as insert moulding and second shot moulding. Our largest presses can produce a combined part area capacity of up to 650-800 cm2 (100-125 in2), depending on the part configuration. Our smaller presses can produce fine parts with exacting detail. We are capable of working with a wide range of engineering resins, including blends, fills, static dissipative, emi and rfi

We have and develop equipment to perform specialty services such as pad printing, hot stamping, heat staking, machining and assembly. Our technicians manufacture tooling and create custom moulds that fulfill unique requirements. We perform all aspects of plastics manufacturing processes in-house to ensure the quality and durability of your products.


Our capabilities include injection tools, moulding, assembly and added value. Duramould was first registered to ISO 9002:1994E and is currently registered to ISO 9001:2015. Duramould has vast experience shipping domestically as well as globally.



Duramould has been building injection moulds since 1975.

Duramould maintains full in-house tooling facilities to ensure long tool life and consistent quality parts.


Duramould also provides added value services for your moulded parts:

Production scope

Duramould currently manages over 1600 separate parts and over 700 moulds
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Duramould has served over 300 different customers since inception.

Our customers are from varying industries that include: